Model 3 database


Getting Started

Before you get started, please take a look thru the following pages

Rules, Terms, and Conduct

Privacy Policy

Any time you want to come back to these pages, they are linked at the center bottom of each page, and under the “Account” menu tab at the top of the page.

Setting up your Profile

When you are ready to begin entering information to your Member Profile, click the following link.  You can return to your Member Profile any time under the “Member Directory” menu tab at the top of the page.
Member Profile

The profile editor is pretty self explanatory once you know how to get around in it.  To begin with, you will need to click the gear icon on the righthand side and choose “Edit Profile” from the menu.

From within the “Edit Profile” form, you can click on your banner image or user profile image to update to your own images.
The form begins with some required fields and once those are completed, you can save the form and come back later to add additional information or continue on.

To save, click the checkmark on the righthand side or the “submit updates” button at the bottom of the form.

Once your basic info is entered, the car model info will be displayed under your banner image and the basic info will show below the Profile Tabs when that tab is selected.

The profile page is scaled dynamically, so will change slightly depending on the screen size you are using, so yours may look similar but different than the screenshots shown here.

Adding Mods

To add modifications and accessories to your profile page, return to the Edit Profile form and scroll down to the Modifications check boxes.  As you check those items you would like to include, additional fields related to them will become available below.

A summary of these items will appear under your main Profile Tab.

You are able to enter a description, star rating, purchase price, and date.

Any of these that you provide, will show under the”Exterior Mods” (charging battery), “Interior Mods” (full battery),”Electronics Mods” (¾ full battery), and “Misc Mods” (low battery) tabs. Depending on your modifications and accessory assortment, you may have items on each of these tabs, nothing on them or anywhere in between.

These fields are optional, and you can choose if you would like to include a rating, date, price or just write a summary in the description box. Keeping the default values in these fields, you will have something that looks like this screenshot.

Remember, to click the check mark or submit updates button to save your entries.

You should now have information populated on your main Profile tab and the various Modifications tabs.

Photo Gallery

You can also upload up to 100 images on the Photo Gallery tab.  Clicking the camera icon will open the Photo Gallery. Click the “+Add Photos” button to add photos (shocking, right?). Select photos you would like to upload and click save.  You can continue to select additional images to upload, or click cancel to exit the gallery uploader.

Once photos are uploaded, clicking on them will give you the option to add a caption.

Community Posts

If you have more to say than what fits under the pre-defined areas of your profile, you can write acommunity post by clicking the “Create Post” tab.

Members are able to create posts on the following topics:

  • How-To & Tutorial
  • Reviews (general)
  • Product Reviews
  • Vendor Reviews
  • Experiences (general)
  • Delivery Experiences
  • Road Trip Experiences
  • Track Experiences

When submitted, your post will go into a moderator queue for approval.

Once approved, it will show up on your profile under the “Post” tab.

Additionally, your post will be pooled with the other members’ posts and organized by category.  These pooled posts can be accessed from the “Community” menu tab at the top of the page. Hovering over this tab will expand to show the post categories.

Searching and Browsing other Members

While it is great to have a place to track your own history with the Model 3, it can be really useful to be able to search for a specific modification and see what others have to say about it. From the “Member’s Directory” on the menu tab at the top of the page, you will go to a page with cards for the community members.  At the top of the page is a number of search boxes that you can choose criteria for and search for specifics.  Or just click thru various member’s profiles and see what you find others have done.