Model 3 database

Rules, Terms, Conduct

The Rules, Terms, and Conduct

The intent of this site is to give you a place to chronicle your Tesla Model 3, see what others have done to their cars, post brief tutorials and how-tos for modifications and share experiences you have with the car.

It is not a place for you to self-promote your own cause, go off-topic, attack another community member (on this site or elsewhere) or act in an otherwise disrespectful manner.  As that is not always the same to everyone, below is a list of prohibited actions:

  1. No personal attacks of another member for any reason.
  2. No mocking other’s car modifications.  If something is not to your taste, if you are not able to state so in a respectful way, don’t say anything at all.
  3. No using this site for your personal gain.  This includes non-vendor members promoting their businesses or products, sharing referral codes ( or otherwise) or other activity to drive traffic for your benefit.
  4. No use of profanity or offensive slang.
  5. Do not include any nudity, suggestion of nudity or hits of sexual acts. This applies to posted photographs and written entries.
  6. No posting of illegal actions. This includes but not limited to street racing, illegal drugs, drunk driving, assault, etc.

Content related to any of the above will not be tolerated and will be removed without notice with a warning issued to advise the member of the issue.  Further incidents may result in the member’s account being removed permanently.

Any topic not directly related to your Tesla Model 3, while not offensive on the level of the prohibited items above, are not appropriate for this site. These include but not limited to: politics, weapons, religion, other cars, etc. Please refrain from including these topics on this site.

In general, have your contributions here be something anyone could show to their grandmother without coming across something offensive.

For Sale and Classified

In the future, we will be adding a site feature to allow members to post classifieds to sell their own personal items.  (IE a member purchased an aftermarket set of wheels and has the stock wheels available to sell).  Until this feature is activated, members are not able to post about items available for sale.

Vendors are able to sign up for a Vendor Account, where they will be able to promote their business, list their line of Tesla Model 3 specific items, and provide information on sales and promotions. For additional information, please complete the contact form on the Vendor Directory page.

Commercial posts require a Vendor Account, and can not be made from a standard Member Account. (see rule #3 above).