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N.C. Delivery

My delivery experience in Raleigh was “less than perfect” due to severe storage limitations at the Raleigh locations (see M3oC post and related posts).

Finally got delivery on Aug. 24, and the car quickly made me forget my irritation over the prior weeks.

Fast forward to now and I see from other forum posts on M3OC and TMC that the Raleigh and Charlotte delivery situation is even worse. It appears that North Carolina deliveries are going to 100% home delivery to cope with the storage limitations, etc. with apparently no option for delivery at the Tesla location. That would seem to me to be an even bigger logistics nightmare for Tesla, plus the potential hassle for customers.

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  • I’ve also wondered the logic on the home delivery plans. Seems like much more effort/cost for Tesla to go out on the road with deliveries vs having the buyers come to them, even if maxing out those delivery center’s capacities. I’m sure in a year, we all will have long forgotten about any delays or delivery issues currently happening.

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