Model 3 database

Issue Tracking

Using this post to record issues and suggestions members have noted
feel free to report issues or suggestions with the feedback form, or by adding a comment here.

(last updated 10/10/2018)


Ability to use Gallery images from profile
Site response time
Add M2OC profile link to profile
Ability to message other members
super-fancy option: offer the option of members providing a Tesla API token, which would allow Model3db to automatically update their odometer every night.
Member Directory username search attempts to act like login field (iOS, OSX) – Temporary removed
Ability to have multiple text/price/rating sections under each modification


profile banner images not saving when changed resolved
add html edit option to modifications descriptions done
Typo in charging equipment choices corrected
reCAPTCHA validation failed error from ‘first login’ page corrected
Every page is titled something like, “Page Name | “ done
Add Car Name field to the profile done
Add odometer and date to profile done
Mod field text tips show up as actual text fixed
Banner Tagline text error Fixed
Increase profile/banner upload image size Increased to 4MB
Add multiple wheel/tire categories Added “Winter Wheels”, “Summer/All Season Tires” and “Winter Tires”


Added home charging equipment info
Added Car Name
Added Odometer section
Added winter wheel & tire options

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  • Sent feedback earlier on issue with order of fields for mods, but fixed issue by selecting mods on checklist. Also realized that 1-StarRating is actually the last field per mod.

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