Model 3 database

An Introduction

We’ve been working behind the scenes

and ready to start getting some live content to test the site out!  to start out, here are links to our Rules and Privacy Policy pages

Rules, Terms, and Conduct

Privacy Policy

Any time you want to come back to these pages, they are linked at the center bottom of each page, and under the “Account” menu tab at the top of the page.

What this site will be about

Member Profiles

The big part of this site will be the Member Profiles. Each member will be able to complete a profile card with the basics on their Model 3, info on themselves, and information on the modifications they have installed.

Most all information that can be entered is optional, so members can choose if they want to keep the info entered pretty basic, or fully detailed.  On Modifications, members will have the choice to enter a text description, a price, their 1-5 Star rating and the date installed.

These Member Profiles combine into a Member Directory where others can search for other members by username, car info (IE color, motor, battery, EAP, etc) or specific modifications (IE interior lighting, wheels, tint, etc).

Photo Gallery

Within each Member Profile is a Photo Gallery area  to upload up to 100 images.  Members are able to add captions to each, and photos posted to their Photo Gallery are protected from others downloading them.

Community Posts

For those with more to say than fits within their Member Profile, Community posts can be added on any of the following topics:

  • How-To & Tutorial
  • Reviews (general)
  • Product Reviews
  • Vendor Reviews
  • Experiences (general)
  • Delivery Experiences
  • Road Trip Experiences
  • Track Experiences


These will be accessible from the Member Profile page as well as pooled with other Member’s posts and organized by category.

Some screenshots


As the site develops, we will be inviting vendors who support the Model 3 community to join in a similar capacity as the Members with their own Vendor Profiles and Vendor Directory.  Our hope is this will become mutually beneficial between both the Members looking for Model 3 specific items and the Vendors looking for potential customers.  Vendors interested can fill in the inquiry form here.

Ready to sign-up?

well, we are still in the Beta testing stage, but we are having potential members sign up for our invitation list.  Info can be found in this post.


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